Presbyterian Men

                                                The General Assembly Mission Council, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)                                                       and the National Council of Presbyterian Men have formed a Covenant                                                   of Agreement. The National Council of Presbyterian Men was officially                                                   established in 1948 but can trace its beginnings to 1906-1907. The                                                           mission of Presbyterian Men is to lead men into a vital relationship with                                                 Christ and to assist them in their spiritual, personal and community                                                         development. 

                     "To equip and train all men to pursue the will of Jesus through: mission outreach;                                leadership; and discipleship." (Presbyterian Men Mission Statement as approved at the                      April 27, 2007, annual meeting)


* to strengthen men's understanding of the church,
* to assist congregations in nurturing men to mature discipleship,
* to encourage men through their commitment to Christ,
* to nurture men in their ministry to which they are called in their 
     families, work, and ministry in their community and in the world
* and to involve men of various racial/ethnic backgrounds and ages together in Christian                        fellowship, mission and worship.