Presbyterian Youth
As youth and adults, we respond to God's call through the Holy Spirit to be connected to each other, the church, and the world so that our lives proclaim with joy that Jesus Christ is Lord!

We Welcome Children
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these the kingdon of heaven belongs." (Luke 18:16)

Children remain our top priority at First Presbyterian Church. We understand that there is no sound more appropriate to the act of worship than the natural sounds of children. We welcome your children to worship with us. However, if you feel more comfortable leaving your child in the nursery, you may feel confident that your child will find a safe and loving environment with our trained and supervised staff.

In the Nursery
Our Nursery staff are certified in CPR and carefully supervised by our Church Life Committee. We take your children's safety seriously and insist that there be no less than two people caring for them at all times. Our staff is diligent about involving children in Christian Education that is age appropriate. Toys, books and puzzles are in abundance. Cribs for napping, and a changing table for diapers are available whenever you need them.

Sunday School
We are very proud of our new Workshop Rotational Model of Sunday School. We have a number of educators in our congregation who understand that children learn in different ways. New rooms have been built for acting, puppet shows, story telling, art and computer work. Included in this project is a state of the art home theatre.

Participation Worship
Younger children are invited to help with lighting candles, being involved on Easter and Palm Sunday as we decorate the cross, and a variety of other special opportunities. Youth are periodically asked to help lead worship with readings and leading us in prayers. Youth and Children are not the church of tomorrow but an integral part of who the church is today.

Junior & Senior High Youth
Above all, we recognize this to be a frightening world in which to be raising teenagers. Our goal is to be honest about our changing culture and to seek to help youth and parents survive and thrive through faith in this complicated world.

We welcome Junior and Senior High Youth to our Sunday School Programs at 9:45 each Sunday morning.

Our Youth Advisors, Don and Christine Boling, lead the youth group each Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. They help our youth to remain involved in area gatherings, national Mission Work, and spiritual growth.

Biblically based human sexuality classes, drug prevention seminars and sessions that involve real issues for youth are in the plans for the near future.

Annual Opportunities
Each year, we have a variety of opportunities for young children and youth to celebrate with us.

Advent Workshop (children's Christmas Arts & Crafts)
Christmas Pageant
Easter Egg Hunt
Vacation Bible School

Prude Ranch multiple church conference (February)
Triennium (every three years - Purdue University)
Synod Youth Workshop (youth from TX, OK, LA, AR)
Fund raisers of all shapes and sizes
Opportunites for Summer Camps and conferences
Youth Sunday (the youth do it all)
National Mission Trips